Lets Go!

Well we made it to 2021! If I was a millennial or whatever they're called now, I'd say lessgooo or whatever they say.  But I'm not and I won't try and use
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green light

Green Light For Friday!

Finally some great news, we're good to go in person from Friday! Yep, NSW officially got the green light yesterday to relax our restrictions to level 1.  That means we can do
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fingers crossed

Fingers Crossed

It was pretty cool to read yesterday that some states are starting to ease their restrictions - WA from now I think, and Queensland from Friday.Very encouraging news for everyone. I
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DPM 2005

Good Feedback

So trying to focus on the turning lemons into lemonade thing, rather than having a whinge over what we can't control right now,  and there has been some good feedback from
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running on beach

Walk On

With not much else to do at the moment, you're probably in one of two camps.  Camp one - taking the opportunity to get out of the house as much as
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Groundhog Day

Sure feels like a bit of Groundhog Day everyday doesn't it? It was a pretty good movie too back in the day. But it pretty much sums up what we're all dealing
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Flip The Script

So how you doing today? Considering we should have had a nice Easter break to see the family, get out and just unwind, we got to stay home and do exactly
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Short N Sweet book mum and daughter

Kids Workout?

So there's a suggestion I got yesterday after I asked for how I can help make these whole zoom workouts, and your working from home thing more doable. And it might
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