Cool Story

This one is a bit of a change to the normal story I like to share with you,but I think you'll get something out of this. Today I want to share
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What Would You Add?

I'd like to think that over the last few years I've developed a pretty cool transformation model and there's some DPMers reading this who'd no doubt agree as they've benefited
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Worth Noting

You'd have to of come down in the last shower to not know the benefits that exercise and eating the right things brings us. Of course I'm not going to state
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Simple Tip

There's one thing I'll tell you right now if you want to start seeing some changes this year. Although this tip is kinda obvious, it's easy to overlook it. First thing you
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Oh Yeah, We Got Prizes

Another thing I didn't mention in yesterdays launch email for the next Transformation Contest kicking off on Monday February 4 is that just like last year, there'll be prizes! I like to
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Locked In

Put this date in your diary, cause we're locked in for a new round of the DPM 8 Week Transformation Contest. The offical go-date is 3 weeks from today,Monday February 4,
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Is This You?

There's an old famous saying, When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  Or words to that effect. Maybe now, as things stand right now, this is your time? Maybe this year is
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DPM 2005

So How’d You Go?

If you remember back to my Christmas Eve email, there were three options that summed up what approach you could take over the Christmas break.  * OPTION 1: go to town
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Three Options

I could say something corny about can you believe it's Christmas Eve already but you know, that line gets trotted out all the time. So today I want to give you
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