Step By Step Plan

Officially back on deck for another year, and a new decade today. Hope you enjoyed some down time but now it's time to get back to business. I've sat down to work
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Tick Any Boxes?

Let me throw out a couple of feelings today. See if you tick the box for any of them. And if you do, there's no judgement either way. It good be a good
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Where’s Your Entry?

Won't keep you long today. Just got a simple question for you: Why haven't you entered our competition to win 3 months of unlimited training access to any DPM small group training
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Competition Time

So I decided to do something for a bit of fun and run a little give-away.Yep, it's competition time! What can you win? How does 3 months of unlimited training access to
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See This Stat?

So how'd you go with that workout I shared yesterday? That type of short workout was kinda timely considering an article that came out on Monday (and after I'd already scheduled in
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One Down

Well, there you go. One month down already for the year. And with February obviously only a short month, that'll fly by too. For me, February is a massive month. Emily starts school
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So What Now?

After yesterdays news that the proposed transformation contest isn't happening anymore, you may be wondering what's next? And even if you weren't I'll let you know anyways... To be honest, I haven't thought
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Is This You?

There's an old famous saying, When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  Or words to that effect. Maybe now, as things stand right now, this is your time? Maybe this year is
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