Back In The Office?

So what's the lay of the land right now for you? Are you back in the office? Or still stuck working from home? Although some people might well prefer that if it makes
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push up

Why People Exercise

There was an interesting article I came across yesterday on why people exercise and go to the gym. Now, for the purposes of this message today, I'm going to apply the
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lady boxer

The Boxing Situation

Finally got some clarification over the weekend about the official Fitness Australia stance on boxing - be that in our small group sessions, or for the one-on-one personal training sessions
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Christmas Eve

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, no DPMer was stirring, not even a mouse. Okay maybe I won't give up my day job yet and start poetry recitals,but
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green light

Green Light For Friday!

Finally some great news, we're good to go in person from Friday! Yep, NSW officially got the green light yesterday to relax our restrictions to level 1.  That means we can do
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How Can I Help?

Quick one today. Is there something that you really want to achieve this year? Maybe you set yourself a goal to do an event or a challenge. Maybe it was a fitness goal. Maybe
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short n sweet book cover

3 Options

Kinda like those choose your own adventure books we used to read as kids (you did read those right?) Side note: I actually found some of them at Aldi when I
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