Groundhog Day

Sure feels like a bit of Groundhog Day everyday doesn't it? It was a pretty good movie too back in the day. But it pretty much sums up what we're all dealing
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What's the one thing you'd love to have more of? Cash? Maybe. Freedom? For some maybe. But for most, the answer is time. How many times have you said "If only I had the
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Do You Do This?

Don't you agree that we humans are a weird bunch? There's plenty of examples I could give, but this one comes to mind as a strange thing and I'm the first
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top of the hill

All Round Win

So I got thinking the other day about all of this smoke and bushfires and stuff and I figured there's a win-win-win situation I wanted to share with you. I decided
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Snooze You Lose

How'd you go this morning? Get up as soon as the alarm went? Or did you hit snooze a couple of times? I've got no choice. I get up straight away cause if I
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It Doesn’t Take Much

Following on from what I mentioned the other day about working out as we get older, I found something else that you might be interested in. This paper from the University of
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Get Your Box On

Today is boxing day at DPM - the Lilyfield and Observatory Hill morning groups both got in a nice little boxing workout this morning. And with that in mind, it reminds
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