It’s Getting Closer

It's getting to be an exciting time of year wouldn't you agree? The sun is slowly coming up earlier. I definitely noticed it improve over the last week. And on the other side
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Act, Don’t React

There's a simple piece of advice that I want to share with you to start your week off and it comes down to just three words. Act, don't react What I mean
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Convenience Is Crucial

I read that exact quote last week - convenience is crucial and it instantly made me think about how I can make things more convenient for you. Sure, the article might
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How Can I Help?

Quick one today. Is there something that you really want to achieve this year? Maybe you set yourself a goal to do an event or a challenge. Maybe it was a fitness goal. Maybe
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short n sweet book cover

3 Options

Kinda like those choose your own adventure books we used to read as kids (you did read those right?) Side note: I actually found some of them at Aldi when I
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No April Fool Jokes

Promise I won't do any April Fools related jokes today. No Dad jokes either. They don't even work like they used to on Emily these days. The only thing I'll mention today is to
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Autopilot Time

It's Monday. It's dark. I don't want to get out of bed. It's comfy in here. Stuff it. I'll hit snooze. And again. Maybe even another time. Have you ever had that conversation with yourself before? That conversation comes
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What A Nightmare

Like I mentioned over the last 2 weeks, I'd share with you some of the worst dieting stories that were sent to me as part of the competition I was
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Excuse The Irony Here

Please excuse the irony with what I'm about to share,but you'll get my point I'm sure. If you've been around DPM for long enough,  and there's a fair few who've clocked up
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