Back In The Office?

So what's the lay of the land right now for you? Are you back in the office? Or still stuck working from home? Although some people might well prefer that if it makes
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push up

Why People Exercise

There was an interesting article I came across yesterday on why people exercise and go to the gym. Now, for the purposes of this message today, I'm going to apply the
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It’s Getting Closer

It's getting to be an exciting time of year wouldn't you agree? The sun is slowly coming up earlier. I definitely noticed it improve over the last week. And on the other side
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Just Zoomin

So Tuesday we road tested for the first time a dual in person and streaming virtual workout at DPM. I was intrigued and kinda nervous to see how it would all
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How Can I Help?

Quick one today. Is there something that you really want to achieve this year? Maybe you set yourself a goal to do an event or a challenge. Maybe it was a fitness goal. Maybe
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No April Fool Jokes

Promise I won't do any April Fools related jokes today. No Dad jokes either. They don't even work like they used to on Emily these days. The only thing I'll mention today is to
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Last Chance

Last chance for you to enter that competition to win 3 months of unlimited DPM training access to any of our small group sessions in Lilyfield or Observatory Hill. CLICK HERE
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