Changes, Changes, Changes

Kinda interesting how much things change over time. Remember back in the mid 90's when there was a bunch of hype about whether we'd end up getting the Olympics? I even remember
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A Random Hypothetical

Something a little different for a Friday. Let's play a hypothetical question. If you could only ever do one exercise for the rest of your life what would you choose? There's no right
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The 12 Month Timeline

If you saw my message on Wednesday about how quickly you can lose your fitness if you take a break, this one today follows on from it. But it's all positive news today. Today
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Bad News, Good News

Some very interesting research has come out of the Queensland University of Technology about an age old question. How long does it take for you to lose what you have worked
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Exercise & Cancer

Was sent a very interesting article last week (thanks Andrew) mentioning how cancer patients were benefiting from vigorous exercise during treatment. They were part of a study conducted by St Vincents
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The Subtle Change

One of the cool benefits to a regular exercise routine,  which you often don't think about - or even notice, until someone reminds you,  is being able to do things you previously
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Your Best Defence

There's a few things you can do to lower your risk of exposure to Coronavirus (or COVID-19, whatever you want to call it). Wearing a mask, staying at home, washing your
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Corona Kilos?

How have you managed over the last couple of months with all these restrictions and social distancing? Has it been all systems as normal for you - obviously apart from having
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The Corona Fighter

Sounds like the superhero we need right now right? How would you picture the Corona Fighter to look? Has to be a cape. And definitely a face mask. You'd have protective gloves too. And maybe
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