happy easter

Easter Game Plan

Obviously with Easter coming up on the weekend I just wanted to clarify our hours so that you know what's going on - and adjust your training calendar if need
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Point Of Difference

Heard a podcast late last year and they were talking about how important it is to have a point of difference for your business.  To me that’s a no-brainer. I mean that after
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Advanced Notice

There's something I wanted to give you the early heads up on, and advanced notice for. You may have heard of the Click Frenzy thing that some people love. Kinda like our
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push ups

Why Personal Training Works

You'll no doubt realise that I'm a fan of encouraging people to be doing some type of personal training. Be that one-on-one or via a small group situation. Now, I'd obviously prefer if you
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short n sweet book cover

3 Options

Kinda like those choose your own adventure books we used to read as kids (you did read those right?) Side note: I actually found some of them at Aldi when I
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DPM 2005

Not Your Average

I hope you've been getting some value out of these emails that I send out each day. I get that you may not read each and every one of them.  That's cool. I
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Catching Up With The Times

Better late than never but I finally did something that I should've done years ago. On Sunday I started an Instagram account for DPM. Come give us a follow https://www.instagram.com/dpmsydney/ To be honest, my
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Cool Story

This one is a bit of a change to the normal story I like to share with you,but I think you'll get something out of this. Today I want to share
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