Thank You & Welcome To Your DPM 4 Week Busy Mums Transformation Blueprint!

Step 1: Download the 4 files you see below.

Step 2: Read and become familiar with the detox diet. This is your game plan for the next 4 weeks.

Step 3: Stay tuned for an email from me with the next action steps for you to take. Be sure to whitelist both my email addresses (daniel@dpmtransformation and Check your junk mail if you don't receive anything from me within 24 hours of joining.

Step 4: Click on the link in the email you'll receive from me to join our private Facebook group (this is where all the magic, accountability and support will happen!)

Step 5: Get ready to accelerate your weight loss over the next 4 weeks!


  • 3 Day Detox Diet
    3 Day Detox Diet

    Start Here!

    Read and digest everything in this manual. This is your blueprint for the next 4 weeks.

    Once you've read it email me if you have any questions -

  • Quick Healthy Meals Cookbook
    Quick Healthy Meals Cookbook

    This cookbook is a great addition to give you inspiration for meals, snacks and desserts that will keep you on track and actually taste great - without taking more than 20 minutes to cook

  • Your 4 Week Workout Blueprint
    Your 4 Week Workout Blueprint

    This is the complete workout that you need to follow, along with video demonstrations.

    NOTE: If you are a beginner do the easier option on the video when provided.

    IMPORTANT: Please get a doctors clearance if you're not used to regular exercise AND If you have any pre-existing injuries that mean you cannot do certain exercises you MUST let me know and I will provide alternatives to the ones you shouldn't do. Don't be a hero. Be smart and look after your body.

  • Where To Take Your Measurements
    Where To Take Your Measurements

    This explains exactly how and where you should take your measurements. All you need is a tape measure.

That's all you need!

Now the important thing is to do the work. Not only will this ensure you're in a hell of a lot better place - physically and mentally then you are now, you'll be having all of your friends ask you that best ever compliment "Have you lost weight?"

Each week you will receive a weekly mission from me for you to cross off.

Some weeks there will be 3 missions, some only 2.

They are not rocket science but they all involve you doing the work.

If you do the work, follow the plan, you will get the result.

Any questions - ask. My email is

Let's make this happen!