And The Winners Are….

Drumroll... So it was a very close finish to our inaugural DPM Winter Olympics! And the thing I liked about this little contest is that over the last 6 weeks it's got
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Wk 5 Leaderboard Update

Short week of training this week with me being down in Melbourne currently, but here’s the update from last Friday to Wednesday.   Remember, we’re almost even now, as we started this
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Week 2 Update

It's game on after 2 weeks of the DPM Winter Olympics. Here's where things stand as of Wednesday arvo for the top 5: 1. Georgie - 8 (incl. 5 bonus points) 2. Chris
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Bonus Points

After the leaderboard update on Friday for our little DPM Winter Olympics challenge did you get your thinking hat on for who you can invite along to check us out? So
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Nothing Too Serious

Here’s why I openly take the mickey out of myself - in life whether that be at my DPM sessions or socially and also here in these emails. Cause it means I can’t be
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