The Long Game

This is aimed at those who are one week down in the DPM 6 Week Winter Challenge, but feel free to cop the tip even if you aren't involved. I wanted to
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How do you go on the old patience front? To be honest, it's not my greatest strength. Especially if I'm hungry. The old 'hangry' comes out. It's a funny thing though, cause as a
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That Extra Bit

When it comes to the exercise part of your fitness campaign,unfortunately, you can't pay me to do the workouts for you. Sure, I'll get the benefit out of those workouts, but
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Another Four Letter Word

I don't know about your house, but I have to confess that my kids heard a new word during the lockdown period. Thankfully I haven't heard them repeat them back yet. They were told
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Half Way

Well there you go. 6 months down already. Sure felt like an uphill run to get here. This year hasn't exactly turned out like we planned right? Which in turn means that what
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Your Biggest Enemy

Who would you say your biggest enemy is? Now while I'm going to say that Sharon from Accounts may not be your favourite cup of tea, she's not who I'm talking
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Get On This

Cold week yeah? Winter has well and truly kicked into gear this week. Which means things may well be starting to get that little bit harder to get started in the morning. End result
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