Guilty As Charged

One thing I'll never give anyone grief for at DPM is when they polish off more than their fair share of cheat meals from time to time. Why not? Well, it's hardly
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oh no

She’d Be Fun At Parties

Here's another topical subject from the 'cause it's Friday' files. And it might be appropriate if you're planning on having a bit of takeaway for dinner tonight or venturing out on
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Common Sense

The old saying common sense isn't always that common is an unfortunate one. But one that rings pretty true I'm sure you'll agree. Unlike usual when I start something off with a
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7 Steps

This could well be perfect timing for you after Easter and all that. Especially if you feel like you don't want to see another chocolate again. Or for a little while at
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Been Here?

"C'mon, have another drink - 1 more won’t hurt" "c’mon just have a chocolate it won’t hurt" You've been here right? I'd lay money that if you had a dollar for every time
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No, I'm not talking about the South African cricket captain who was busted on camera for ball tampering. For what it's worth, if the ICC is going to investigate that incident, they
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