30-30 Action

Thought you might be looking for some more home workout action to get your teeth into seeing as it's been a little while since the last one. So here goes -
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boxing bag

Not Necessary

If you remember my message from Friday that was basically about how everything in the fitness industry is overcomplicated and hypey, this one thing today will follow along well off
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hover knee drive

Long Weekend Workout

Time to give you another bit of home workout action to tide you over this weekend. Especially with it being a long weekend and us having no session on Monday. So, as
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Nice Legs

If you're still training strictly from home right now how are your home workouts going for you? Do you need a bit of variety? Well today I'm going to give you some
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time bomb

#TBT Home Workout

Thought I'd go back into the old DPM vault for a bit of #TBT - or Throwback Thursday - action.This home workout featuring nothing but bodyweight exercises is from 2009,
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So Far, So Good

So obviously things are changing very quickly and as of now we are still sweet to operate. The limit for each session is 10 people - so 9 plus me. Friday is
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DPM 2005

Cool Toys

You no doubt know that I'm a bit of a fan of bodyweight workouts.  Most of the stuff we do at DPM is bodyweight exercises. I even wrote my first book on
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