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I Call BS On This

Saw a post the other day on the old facebook that I had to shake my head at and scroll on. Was going to reply, but I figure no one has ever changed
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DPM 2005

Let’s Do It

As I hinted at the other day, I was planning to sit down yesterday and get some more concrete steps in place for the next 6 week challenge. The interest is
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A Simple Step

"Listening is the singular first step on the path to any positive change in the world" says Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors in the US. And it's a pretty
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That Extra Bit

When it comes to the exercise part of your fitness campaign,unfortunately, you can't pay me to do the workouts for you. Sure, I'll get the benefit out of those workouts, but
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One Day Down

Bit of accountability for you today.  And I hope this one reaches you if you are in the spot where you read what I sent last week.  If you missed it, you
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Simple Question

Short one for a hump day Wednesday today. And I want to ask you this little question: If you could change absolutely anything right now, what would it be? Obviously taking out the
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Stand Still

For years the old adage has always been to keep moving and don't stay still. Whether that is in life or in business.  I can definitely say with qualification that the adage
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Check In

Considering that we're already on the back end of summer, and pretty much two months in for 2020 I just wanted to do a little check in today. So how's things
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The Reason

Got a question  for you today. What was the main reason you initially joined DPM however long ago that may be? Was it to workout with your friends? Was it to finally
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