No Messing Around Today

So let's get straight to the point... How are you handling everything right now? Are you going okay with it all and getting through the day without losing your sanity? Or are things
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This You?

Thought I'd follow on my message from yesterday about acting on any regrets you may have when it comes to your current fitness level. Like I said yesterday, if you're going
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Where You At?

Cross off another month for the year today, which once again leads me to the semi regular check ins where I ask how you're doing? Yes it's repeated cause I want
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Working Longer?

Question for you: Has your work day increased in length over the last 12 months? One of the common side effects of last years shambles of a year is that people working
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Looking Good

This is a follow up from the message yesterday about the checklist you need to cross off for it to be considered a successful week. What I'm going to hit today
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Analyse This

I know I tend to mention this from time to time, but hey, that's why I'm here. So today I'm setting you the challenge to go back and analyse your goals
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Uncomfortable Advice

This two cents for today is something that I read recently from Gary Vaynerchuk, who you may know from one of many avenues. Basically he's a pretty smart bloke. Anyways, what
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