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I Call BS On This

Saw a post the other day on the old facebook that I had to shake my head at and scroll on. Was going to reply, but I figure no one has ever changed
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A Simple Step

"Listening is the singular first step on the path to any positive change in the world" says Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors in the US. And it's a pretty
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Is It Time?

Had a question yesterday on whether I'd be running another 6 week challenge type of thing this year. And I hadn't really given it much thought. But if people would find a
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One Week In

So we're pretty much one week down in our 6 week challenge. And with that we're getting some good progress all ready. Remember, I'm not expecting people to change their world in
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Swings & Roundabouts

I read an interesting story yesterday which pretty much sums up living in our wonderful 'Straya. It mentioned how Queensland are expecting a months worth of rain in a week over the coming
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Double Down

Now we're a few days into February it's perfect time to ask you how are you going with your challenges you set yourself to accomplish this year? I read something the
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Back By Request

So after a simple email request on Friday I decided to do something that I didn't intend to do this year. Run another 6 week challenge. The last time I tried to
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