fingers crossed

Your Job

Today I've got a job for you. Call it a mission if you will. And if like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, your mission, should you chose to accept it , will
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I Enjoy This

There's a cool side thing that I enjoy as part of running DPM and this time it doesn't involve the actual face to face thing with training people. Side note, I
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It’s Getting Closer

It's getting to be an exciting time of year wouldn't you agree? The sun is slowly coming up earlier. I definitely noticed it improve over the last week. And on the other side
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dinner and wine

Time To Eat

I know going out to dinner isn't everyones idea of fun right now considering our current situation,  but 6 months down the track I'm expecting that to be a whole lot
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The Circular Economy

Time for a friendly reminder about something that benefits everyone today.Call it the circular economy if you will. By that I mean that everyone helps everyone out one way or another. And
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DPM 2005

The New Normal

As the world is slowly getting back to a bit of normality - finally - here at DPM I can say I've been doing things a bit slower. I'll explain why
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