I read an interesting story yesterday which pretty much sums up living in our wonderful ‘Straya.

It mentioned how Queensland are expecting a months worth of rain in a week over the coming days and how we’re expecting a barrage here too.

To me it sums up the typical nature of drought.

It is usually ended by flood as history will tell us going back the last hundred odd years.

Not ideal, but it is what it is and hopefully means our drought might soon be coming to an end.

And ideally without all the flooding, but a nice steady stream of rain that would be perfect thank you…

Anyways, it reminded me of that old saying swings and roundabouts.

Now I’ve always used the saying, but never really knew the origins of it. So good old google helped me out:

“What you lose on the swings, you make up for on the roundabouts. Its origin is from the fairground. For whatever reason, the fairground owner may be losing money on the swings, but gaining it on the roundabouts. So the situation is balanced.”

So I guess in the long run the weather situation hopefully balances itself out. 

Now the extremes might be greater at either end as time progresses as we’re lead to believe, but hopefully the situation is still balanced overall.

Time will tell on that one but we’re screwed if it’s not.

All of this to me is the same when it comes to your health and fitness routine.

Sometimes you’re absolutely nailing it, things are falling into place, you’re making all the sessions you planned to attend and you’re on top of the food game too.

Things are flying.

Then there’s the times when it seems the exact opposite. You’re under the pump at work and at home. You’re up late dealing with all sorts of issues.

You can’t sleep cause you’re stressing about those issues. You miss your alarm and miss your session.

As a result you’re grumpy and tired and go the easy take away option instead of the healthier meal option and you’re putting away more wine with dinner each night as a stress release.

I get it, we’re all human. I’ve gone through different periods of both.

But hopefully like with the weather example, it comes back to the swings and roundabouts analogy. It has to even out over time.

Otherwise that’s when problems start to arise.

And if that problem is getting a bit out of whack right now, you might want to jump in on the DPM 6 Week Challenge.

I’m shutting the doors to it tomorrow.

As you may have heard it was created due to DPMers demand.

And we’ve got a good, small group on board.

Want to join us?

It’s free for DPMers as you may have heard and only $50 if you’re not a current DPMer.

Just hit reply and let me know and we can get that balance happening again.


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