Gotta hand it to the Swedes.

Apart from giving us Abba, Volvos and saunas

(actually not sure if they’re good things or not!?)

but they gave us Roxette so that gets my thumbs up.

How good were they back in the day?

The good old Swedes are also recently became the first Western nation to officially turf the low fat diet mantra that all the offical organisations still push.

Despite all the evidence that low fat is about as popular these days as mullets and leg warmers.

They’re now focusing their attention to the low carb high fat game plan.

Smart buggers.

They actually found that:

“Fat is the best thing for those who want to lose weight.

And there are no connections between a high fat intake and cardiovascular disease”.

Sounds good right?

And that sort of thinking is exactly what DPMers have been following now for years.

The 3 Day Detox Diet book that all DPMers get is pretty easy to follow.

And doesn’t require you to lock yourself away and live like a nun until you start losing the kgs you want to lose.

The only question now is how long it takes for the rest of us Westerners to catch up?

If you know someone who may benefit from what we do here at DPM I’d appreciate you spreading the word to them.

And I’ll make it worth your while.

Bring 1 friend: And you get a DPM singlet

Bring 2 friends: Grab yourself a DPM t-shirt

Bring 3 friends: DPM Hoodie

Bring 4 friends: DPM t-shirt and hoodie combo

Bring 5 friends: $100 Visa debit card

Remember they don’t have to join – get them along and if they’re a good fit I’ll do the rest.

Got someone in mind?

Send them here and I’ll drop em a line to welcome them along


PS – any questions about it let me know but remember they don’t need to attend your session – whatever works for their routine and my timetable is sweet


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