Maybe not earth-shattering news for some of us but it is nice to see this becoming more ‘mainstream’.

With the test cricket season starting, 

albeit abysmally, over the last week,

I was reminded of something I came across last season around this time.

It mentioned how a bunch of Aussie cricketers had gone low carb and sugar free to help with their performance.

Whether the Aussies were doing this last week I don’t know,

But what I do know, is that their inept batting performance from the regular suspects isn’t because of what they eat.

More so the fact they probably aren’t deserving of a spot in the team in the first place…

I’ll get back on track now.

This article was an interview with the team doctor who is pretty switched on when it comes to optimising performance.

As this quote points out:

“The players who have gone low carb say that their energy levels are much more even during the day rather than going up and down under their previous diet.

After a short time, their bodies adapt to using fat instead of carbohydrates as their main fuel and fat is a very efficient fuel.

Some players find that when they are doing intense activity (such as fast bowling) they do need to have some carbs during play, but most manage well without”

Which goes with my line of thinking that you don’t cut carbs totally

– you just cycle them

(like the action takers who get some pretty cool results with the DPM 3 Day Detox Diet discover)

and it can be good to do this on a day when you have one of our sessions.

Yes, you and I may not be elite level athletes or share the same pay packet as some of these guys but the principle is the same.

We want to turn our bodies into massive fat burning machines.

And we’ve both got a little bit extra of that hanging around right?

This is the game plan how.

The best part is you don’t have to count every bloody single calorie you eat like on those ‘if it fits your macros’ plans.

Good luck to them but I’ve got better things to do than obsess over every single macronutrient of food that I eat, 

as I’m sure you do in your busy life.

And granted, you’re no doubt smarter than me,

but I’m just a simple kid who wants the simple way to achieve something.

And that is simply to take out the processed crap and save it for your cheat meals.

You’re on the right track!

And if you’re not, don’t fear.

Come join me next week.

and check out our early morning small group sessions 

They’re on at 5:40am at Lilyfield or 7:15 in the City.

just hit reply and we can chat about what might fit best for you and what you want to achieve and I can fill you in on days and locations. 



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