Getting closer to the end of the year, and hopefully a well earned break for you?

But in the meantime, how are you doing right now?

Are you suffering from a bit of burnout?

It’s understandable if you are.

Normally it’s quite common in a normal year to be happening right about now, but this year obviously has meant that there’s a big chance it’s even more likely.

Even if your travel schedule hasn’t been what it normally was in the past, chances are high that you’re sick of zoom meetings, poor computer set up and just sick of seemingly being expected to be available at stupid times of the day and night – all because you no longer have to commute to the office.

That’s all regular feedback I hear all the time.

And a post I saw on LinkedIn that mentioned an article from the Wall Street Journal last week confirmed that burnout is even more prevalent now.

According to the article, some companies have started to make some proactive changes to help their staff.

Things like increasing mental health and counselling services, to manager training and even wellbeing phone check-ins are being used.

As is pandemic peer groups and morale-boosting programs.

What about your company?

Have they been doing anything proactive for you?

If not, hopefully these ideas mentioned above give you something to approach them with.

And of course having some downtime to exercise.

The beauty of a flexible work environment now is that you can even get outside and go for a walk during a zoom meeting if you only need to be a non active participant.

Get outside and get some fresh air, get some exercise and get your work done.

It’s a win-win all round.

Failing all of that, the good news is it’s less than 6 weeks to Christmas meaning the end is almost in sight.

So try and do what you can but hang in there – you’re almost there.


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