If you had to have a guess for a time of day when stress periods are at their highest, what would you say?

I guess it depends on your situation.

If you have to get the kids up and out of the house in the mornings, you might say then.

For others it may be afternoons when you’ve got a thousand things to do before you switch off for the day, and that list keeps getting things added to it.

Others might be night time and you can’t switch your brain off meaning it takes ages to get to sleep.

Well, there was a study done by a bunch of psychologists in QLD and they found over a 6 month period that 7am is the most ‘popular’ time for stress o’clock.

The main reason is cause people are starting to get into their day realising what they have to cross off.

Then at the same time trying to deal with the demands of their kids.

Makes sense.

So I guess my wife drew the short straw in having to deal with that cause I’m out the door before everyone wakes up.

Who says getting up early was hard!

It brings up the question – how can we deal with that stress if you find you’re nodding your head.

You know by now that one of the best options is to exercise

What does that mean for you?

Getting up a little earlier than the kids to get a workout in, or even some stretching or mediation. Even going for a walk if you can before they get up.

It will make a difference.

And you will feel the difference.

Cause you and I both know you can’t just ignore the emails and sms’s that may be building up already.

Now I’m going to add another option.

How about joining our CBD Observatory Hill sessions?

They’re not as early as the Lilyfield group – we kick off at 7:15 and go for a quic fire 30 mins.

Tuesday we box which is perfect for a bit of stress relief, and Thursday is a circuit that will do the job just the same.

And as well as the obvious fitness benefits, you can kill that 7am stress thing.

If that’s something you’d be interested in, I’d love to hear from you. Just send me a message and you can come along and have 2 weeks on the house to test drive and see how it works for the routine.

Same goes for anyone you know who it may benefit.


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