Yep. I’m done.

Well, I was when I sat down to type this email out

(I actually wrote this last week to let you in on a little secret)

Thought I’d share another DPM style workout with you,

considering the ones I do share on here go down well with the DPM team that can add them into their normal routine for a bit of variety.

And this one is  bit of a hard one to push the DPMers who want some extra action.

Anyways, this is one I did last week.

It looks simple.

To be honest, most things we do often look simple and that’s often a perception that surprises those who have seen us in action before,

be that walking past in the park or whatever.

But when they join in,

they see how the so-called simple things aren’t as exactly as simple as they seem.

Now, don’t get me wrong,

this doesn’t mean that we’re a ‘crossfit’ style workout that’s going to smash you

and leave you vomiting in the corner

where the only thing you can do is post a sweat angel on instagram

– cause if you don’t post your workout on social media it doesn’t count right?!

I digress.

We’re definitely not like that.

What we do though is effective at the level that you’re at now.

With the appropriate progressions if you need a bit more of a challenge or the right regressions if you are a beginner.

And if you’re somewhere in the middle, well we cover that too.

Back to that bodyweight workout.

3 exercises.

10 reps.

10 sets through.

That’s it.

Simple in idea.

Harder in reality.

Give it a go if your’e brave enough:

1) Decline Push Ups x 10 – using the foam roller for your hands (obviously adjust to whatever level you’re at – knees push ups are cool.

Having a roller in each hand obviously makes it harder too)

2) Tube Squats x 10 using our 4ft resistance tube (the grey ones for the DPMers reading this) – or once again = whatever one you’re level is at. Even bodyweight squats will work

3) Ab Wheel Rollouts x 10 – on your knees or toes depending on your level

And like I said – do that 10 sets through.

To be honest this was pretty intense.

My heart rate was up like I’d just done a set of hill sprints for the best part of the workout.

Afterwards I definitely had a hard workout and it took me 25 mins from start to finish.

So give it a go and make the necessary modifications for where you are.


PS – if you did do it for yourself let me know what you thought of it!

PPS – don’t stress out if you think this is pretty full on – like i said your workout (even in a group setting) is adjusted to YOUR level. Not the fittest in the group). Don’t let it put you off