Do you traditionally take part in an office based Steptember challenge each year?

I don’t officially take part, but I always try and get out for a walk most days a week so I guess it kinda happens by default.

But if you are taking part this year, seeing as we’re at the midpoint of the month – take a few days on the other side, I thought it’d be a good time to see how you’re travelling with it?

One of the downsides of working from home is it can be harder to get your steps up.

I know for me I get less incidental steps in.

I don’t have to walk from car to session multiple times a day, and cause I don’t sit still during a regular session that’s normally a few extra steps walking around,.

Then you go and grab a coffee etc and it all adds up before I even get in a planned walk.

Now that doesn’t happen.

The sessions are done on my laptop so I’m in front of that the whole time.

I don’t have to to go from here to there and my steps suffer.

How about yours?

Do you find it harder to get your steps in each day without the traditional commute or walking to the coffee shop or whatever?

Maybe you need to schedule in a mini break in your diary each day so you can get out and do a lap or three around the block to get some fresh air and boost your step count?

In a perfect world at the moment I aim for 2 walks – one longer one and one shorter one.

It doesn’t always happen, but when I can it is a winner.

Hope this Friday reminder to get out and about more and up from your computer is a timely reminder heading into the weekend.


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