Todays message is aimed at you if you feel that right now nothing seems to be going right.

You have all these plans and goals or dreams or whatever but no matter how motivated you may seem on Monday morning, come a few days later you feel a bit overwhelmed.

Is this you?

Or maybe someone you might know?

Well this little message might just help get you over the hump.

Start with one thing.

Rather than try and cross a bunch of things off at once, why complicate things?

Start with one thing and focus on that.

Do it repeatedly.

Then once that feels like you’re on top of that one, add another one.

And so forth.

Then next thing you know you are going to be flying and wondering why it ever seemed so hard in the first place.

Make sense?

Give it a shot if the first sentence sums up how you feel or where you are.

It sounds simple but when we make things simple, you make them easier to stick to.

Of course if you need help with this let me know.

I’m happy to help.



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