For years the old adage has always been to keep moving and don’t stay still.

Whether that is in life or in business. 

I can definitely say with qualification that the adage definitely rings true when it comes to exercise and aiming for a healthy lifestyle.

Definitely don’t keep still.

Keep on moving no matter what it is that you choose to do.

On the other side though, chances are you may have encountered that line of thinking with your work too?

Especially now with everyone prepping for the whole corona virus thing and doomsdayers saying the world is ending and we all have to get ready to work from home.

Yes, I guess you have to have a plan should things go south fast.

But when you put on your rational thinking hat for a minute, you’ll remember that more people die each day from every other cause of death.

Now, in saying that, if I was 80 plus I’d be a bit more concerned. Especially if your immune system is weaker than it should be. I’d be taking a few extra precautions then.

I’m also not here to give a lecture in whether it’s a media beat up or a fair concern. That’s above my pay grade, but I can probably guess which one is more true than the other.

What I am here to share is this thought I read the other day:

“Sometimes the best advice is don’t just do something, stand there. Periods of reflection and listening are hallmarks of more effective – and faster – change”.

So take this any way you want it.

With this whole thing going on now, we could stand still for a minute, absorb rational information then make a plan for attack.

Same goes for your workout routine and the way things are looking with your food and drinking habits right now.

Stand still for a minute. Reflect. Have a good look in the mirror and ask yourself is what you’re doing now actually working for you.

I actually did this for myself on the weekend. I realised that I’d let the extra wine or two during the week slide back into my routine.

There’s always an excuse for one or two if you let there be one.
You and I both know that.

So I’m determined to get out of that cycle again and so far so good this week. I took my belly button measurement on Monday morning cause this will tell me if I’m being honest with the food and drink side of things too.

If after you do this reflection and you find that you need to action on something you’ve realised, then let me know.
I want to help.

Be that with changing the way we do things for you in our sessions, or maybe increasing those sessions. Or maybe even giving you a bit more accountability with actually getting to those sessions.

So stand still for a minute.

Have a look back and ask yourself those questions.

And if you’re not happy with the answer you get back, then hit reply and let me know or grab me after a session for a quick chat.

Let’s get on top of it now.

Have a good weekend.


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