Proof that the struggle is indeed real.

I recently read about a thing called the Yale Food Addiction Scale,

a 25 question survey that tells you how addicted you are to food.

It also gives foods a rating based on how addictive they are.

Gotta say it is 100% spot on.

Not based on my own thorough academic research mind you,

just the best part of the last 39 years eating the said foods is enough research wouldn’t you agree?

So what is the most addictive?

No surprise for guessing pizza.

Rates 4.01 out of 7 on the scale.

I’d go as far to say if you get a great tasting pizza from some of the places I went to in Italy or even your good ole local pizza shop I’d score it a 7 out of 7.

What else rates high?

Chocolate is 3.73

Along with chips at the same rating.

Cookies 3.71

Ice cream 3.68

Compare that to a cucumber at 1.53 out of 7.

So there you go.

Science has proven why we can’t stop.

They’re just too damn addictive!

What’s your poison?

I mean for me pizza is definitely the thing.

Can easily polish off a pizza on my own.

Sure I feel over stuffed at bloated afterwards, but once it hit’s your lips it’s soooo good as Frank The Tank from Old School would testify.

I find chips are probably the second for me.

Can easily just keep mindlessly eating even if I’m not hungry.

Something about that salty goodness I guess.

Once again, all of this just shows that I’m human, just like you and have my own weaknesses – and plenty of them.

But it also goes to show that you don’t have to eat rabbit food and drink kale smoothies just to lose those stubborn kilos.

You can in fact eat that stuff as you lose.

And you don’t even have to count every single calorie which is enough to do your head in with time that you don’t have right?

Want to learn how?
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