As the old saying goes “if you sit on the fence, you’re going to get splinters”.

So today I want you to get off that fence and get the edge.

If you missed it the other day, on Monday I launched the DPM Edge program.

For current DPMers, it’s the perfect compliment to your current training program.

Call it your fall-back option if you will.

Say for example if you miss a session for one reason or another, this is your back up.

Just follow along with the workout or this month.

You’ll get a new one emailed through each month.

And for as long as you’re part of Team DPM, your membership for this is on the house.

It’s a way for you to maximise your results and way to stay in the loop if you’re away for work or the kids are sick or whatever and you miss a session.

Maybe you even hit snooze and missed your morning session.

Stuff happens.

Just open up this workout and you’re covered and still on track.

And if you’re no longer part of DPM cause of your work schedule or you’ve moved or whatever, really, for less than $10/mth you can stay in the loop and get the DPM fix.

Each month you’ll get access to a new workout.

In PDF and excel format.

Plus with video demos to remind you of the exercises.

I’ll even shout you your first months free so you can test drive it.

And if you’d rather follow along as I do the workout with you in real time,

I’ll give you access to that on an app where all you have to do is press play. That’s less than $20/mth.

Plus you get the stuff in the original package.

So don’t be a fence sitter.

Get The DPM Edge


PS – Got any questions on it? Let me know.

And for DPMers, just hit reply and tell me you want in and I’ll hook you up.
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