What I’m going to write about today is the kinda the opposite of what I’ve been mentioning lately.

I’ve spoken about how some find it hard to get started in January with school holidays and the like getting in the way and how February is when they finally draw the line in the sand and get the wheels turning again.

Well this is aimed at those who are at the other end of the scale.

Those who come out of the gates flying in January.

Motivated and ready for action.

They’ve been flying the last few weeks, clocking up the sessions, eating good and cutting out the midweek drinks.

If this is you – that’s awesome.

But there’s one thing I want you to be aware of that may or may not be relevant to you – but I’m guessing it’s worth paying attention to anyways.

The speed bump.

This is like driving on a road.

You’re going the speed limit and doing good.

Then out of seemingly nowhere, a speed bump comes up at the last minute and you have to hit the breaks.

Sometimes you go over it a little too fast which isn’t going to do your car good in the long run.

The same goes for you and your body.

February is a bit of a speed bump month.

It comes up and can slow your progress if you don’t approach it right.

You can get a bit too comfortable in your progress.

You subtly let things slide and stop doing the little things that gave you the progress you have already noticed.

Or you keep going a little too fast meaning you might be doing a little damage to your car (or your body in this case).

So take this note as a reminder to check your speed.

Are you doing alright?

Does the body need a little slow down for a week to prevent a little niggle from flaring up?

Or do you need the little reminder to change things up a little and help keep that progress happening?

Either way, you might well be suited to the next round of the DPM Summer 6 Week Challenge that starts on Monday.

If you want in, you can jump in via the link here for only $99

We’re going to work together to help keep you on track, or to help pick up that speed if you’re struggling to get started.

Let’s work on it together.


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