Got any tough stickers?

Personally, I don’t, but I don’t have anything against them.

The only thing I find amusing with the whole tattoo thing is the amount of sleeves there are now.

It used to be people got the whole sleeve thing done to stand out.

To be different.

However, now it seems like every other person – men or woman in their 20’s has one.

Now like I said, I’m not hating on that,

cause I’ve got a few mates with the sleeves up and down both arms from back in our 20’s.

But it’s kinda ironic that nowadays the kids are still getting them done to ‘fit in’ rather than stand out.

Alanis Morrisette should maybe make a 21st century version of that ironic song.

Don’t you think?

I would seriously consider getting one though but it’d have to be something pretty damn close to my heart.

Yes, I’m glad I didn’t get that emu tattoo on my arm like I came close to doing when I was pissed one night before I went overseas when my rugby mates were going to shout me one.

(we played for the emus)

Or that Tupac one that looked pretty cool when I was 18.

But something like Emilys name or something like that. I could see happening.

Anyways, this whole thought about tough stickers came from an article I read the other day about how some smart scientists are developing a tough sticker that can actually benefit your health.

It changes colour depending on what’s happening in your body.

So someone like a diabetic could benefit when it changes colour when your glucose levels drop – potentially saving you from having to do those prick test things 4 times a day.

There’s a few other things it can test – like sodium and alkaline/acidity levels.

Interesting stuff right if it actually comes past the stage of testing on pig skin.

That could definitely be beneficial for some parts of the population.

So while that might be a pipe dream for something down the track that might benefit your health,

there’s something that can help you in the here and now.

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You know what to do. 

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