Definitely not sorry in the slightest.


Well, like I’ve mentioned time and time again

you’ve signed up to read these daily bursts of accountability and insights for a reason.

And taking an educated guess, I figure that reason has something to do with the big take home point for today:

something in your life hasn’t been exactly working for you lately.

On the money?

Let’s say it is.

Cause not surprisingly,

I have the solution 

And that right now is the DPM 28 Day Re-Set,

which today is your last day to invest and join us.

So here’s the deal my friend.

It works.

It’s tried and tested

I’ve PROVEN it myself and with all of the busy mums just like you’ve who’ve stepped up and invested in DPM at one time or another.

So naturally, I want you to experience this solution too before I shut the doors.

And if it takes me emailing you each day,

then thats what I’ll do.

So like I said, sorry not sorry.

I won’t apologise for all the emails

Cause I know plenty of busy mums just like you who they’ve helped.

Both these free emails and more importantly, the paid content that they invest in.

And those that it has annoyed?

Well, they’ve unsubscribed and would never have been a good fit for what we do anyways.

But if you’re looking for any of these things, then Re-Set might be for you:

– An Individual Plan (that you and I will put together for the next 28 days) so that you are 100% clear on what you have to do to get the result that you want.

Whether that’s more sleep. More energy or less of the ‘mummy tummy’. Maybe it’s just more clarity or a clearer head. It’s 100% up to you. 

– A System that works by following one simple mission each day you’ll be able to build one step at a time 

And finally, 

– Help, Support, Accountability, Association

Call it what you will but the help and support you’ll get from me, and from the others in the program will be worth your investment alone.

In fact, if you’re going to join and do nothing – I’d say don’t bother to be honest.

It’ll waste both of our time.

But if you’re completely ready to change.

Ready for success.

Ready for a step by step, day by day blueprint that will help you achieve more in the next 28 days than you have in the past 28 weeks (or more), then you know what to do.

Click the link below

Click Here To Secure Your Place In The DPM 28 Day Re-Set

And just to reiterate, here’s what you’ll get:

* The complete 28 Re-Set day by day mission in an easy to refer to PDF format so that you’ll have it on hand when you complete your 28 days and refer back to whenever you need to get back on course (provided at the end of the program)

* 100% unlimited access to me via our closed and private Facebook group just for the Re-Set Team so that any question you have can be answered, either by me or the team you’ll be working with or even via email access if you prefer to keep your question confidential 

* BONUS ‘live coaching videos’ where I’ll give you a short, sharp burst of accountability = 2 per week over the 28 days in addition to your daily mission

You have until midnight tonight to join DPM 28 Day Re-Set if you’re interested in getting 4 weeks of action like this, and much more to help you get back on track this Spring.

Click the link below and invest your $99 now if that sounds like something you’d be interested in experiencing for yourself

Click Here To Secure Your Place In The DPM 28 Day Re-Set

And midnight tonight is the deadline if you want in.


PS – what are you waiting for? Go here now before the door is shut 

Click Here To Secure Your Place In The DPM 28 Day Re-Set


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