Chances are at some stage of your life you may well experience some back issues.

Upper back. Lower back. Take your pick.

And if you haven’t yet, consider yourself the winner of a jackpot.

Cause it can be very ordinary.

An interesting stat that I read last week mentioned that over 4 million Aussies are effected by back problems.

Yep, I’m one of the statistics too.

What about you?

Anyways, the funny thing about back injuries is now the way we treat them has changed completely from what it used to be years ago.

Previously we were told to rest.

Take some painkillers or whatever.

But the process has changed and you’ll find that most physios now encourage you to move after doing yours.

This was backed up by a segment with a physio that was on the Today show last week.

When this guy mentioned that movement and exercise were some of the best ways to treat it.

I know personally, the last time I really did my back a few years ago, I was in absolute agony. 

I stupidly twisted while trying to put away a couple of kettlebells and trying to keep an eye on Emily at the same time when she was like 2 or something.

Not the best idea I’ve had.

Anyways, my treatment for that, apart from the initial ice phase was plenty of walking and some lower intensity workouts than what I normally would have done.

I got a few physio sessions too.

The end result was it healed a hell of a lot quicker than the time before that when I was out of proper action for a lot longer because I basically rested.

Yep times change, just like I mentioned yesterday with the warm up story.

So make sure if you have back issues you’re not wrapping yourself up in cotton wool until you get better.

There’s plenty of exercises that can help this problem specifically.

And we happen to do a lot of them at DPM.

So if your back is a bit ordinary and you’d like to learn a good plan to help strengthen it, come and join my small group morning sessions.

I’ve got a extra few tricks up my sleeve that will help – speaking from personal experience!

Interested? Press the reply button now and tell me what’s giving you grief with yours and I’ll let you know how I may be able to help


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