Now that the Easter long weekend is finally here and the inevitable catch up with family and friends will be happening, 

I just wanted to plant the seed again, or to be more factual – water the seed that has already been planted, 

and remind you that it’s worth your while to spread the DPM word to these family and friends when you’re catching up with them.

Obviously don’t badger them on the fact they should join us, but a low key sell wouldn’t hurt.

The clincher remember is you both get a free feed – a $200 dinner gift card to any restaurant of your choice after they’ve been training with DPM for 6 months.

I’ll even shout them 2 weeks free to the small group sessions if they’re interested in checking them out.

It’ll make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

Although, coming as a referral from you I’m guessing they’ll be sweet.

There’s three ways they can register their interest:

1) Fill in their details on the DPM FREE DINNER PAGE HERE (it also gives you a bit more info on the offer and how to be eligible for their free dinner, but as you no doubt know it’s pretty straight forward with no get out clauses – they train with DPM for 6 months, you both get fed

2) Reply to this email with their name and contact details – make sure they know I’ll be contacting them

3) Get them to contact me either via email or SMS

When they do join DPM I’ll shout you your next month on the house as a thank you, or if you’re not currently able to join us in person, I’ll send a $100 VISA gift card your way to say thanks for spreading the DPM love.

Anyways, thanks for spreading the word and have a great Easter break with your fam.

Oh by the way, we’re on for Tuesday/Wednesday and Friday next week if you’re around and not going away.


PS – If you’re thinking you may be needing some extra help after the Easter break, there’s 3 ways that I can help you these days:

1) Train with me in person – find out more here

2) Grab a copy of my Short ‘N Sweet book for only $20.

3) Check out my Top Of The Hill podcast 


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