You’ll no doubt know I like to pass on any good recommendations that I come across.

Either ones I’ve found, or ones that have been tipped to me.

And today I have one that could be very relevant to you as a woman, 

or to the woman in your life if you’re reading this and obviously not a woman.

One of my long term DPMers, Phil, has something you may be interested in.

It’s an offshoot of his Drop Bio company and is an online community that supports women on their own health journey.

This is done via a forum, webinars with various experts on all range of topics from yoga to different medical things that you may need to be on top of from time to time.

You can also access courses that discuss the role that chronic inflammation plays in regards to your overall health.

It’s something that you may find very relevant if you, or someone you know is looking to become pregnant in the near future.

If you can be on top of as many things as possible before you try to conceive, 

or go down the IVF route, which is a long and arduous process, it can only help your chances in the long term.

There is also a blog that has some valuable resources and articles that you might find helpful.

Note, I don’t get anything for this recommendation.

I’m just happy to help spread the word of a DPMers venture that has the potential to help plenty of women, maybe even you?

If you want to check it out, you can find The Drop In here

There is a free tier and a paid upgrade if you like what you see and want more.

Hopefully this can help you, or the woman in your life if you’re reading this as a bloke.

Like I said, I don’t get anything out of this recommendation except that knowing that I may be able to help point someone in the right direction,

to a guy who I have known and trusted for a long time, who is looking to do the best for the future of women’s health in this country.


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