Normally I like to entertain (I hope at least for the most part) with these,

and not only give you a different take on things,

but also give you something that can help you along with your journey.

And today it’s going to take a different track.

In fact, time for me to give back to someone who’s helped me out in the past.

Back in the day, near on 10 years now I’d say,

I used to train a bloke, Neil, who was always good value.

Anyways, we lost touch over time but then I heard he tragically lost his partner to cancer.

But rather than throwing his toys out of the cot and giving up on the world Neil’s done something pretty cool.

Raising a boatload of coin for St Vincents Hospital Bone Marrow Transplant unit.

They’re $60K short of the overall $300,000 goal and he’s organised some crazy things like skydiving and the like to raise some coin.

This time’s a bit more tame.

So if you’re a runner, or even a walker, and planning on entering the City to Surf this year please think about joining Neil’s team.

He’ll bribe you with a marquee with drinks at the end on Bondi Beach.

The instructions are really simple – when registering for the City2Surf, type in “All for Trace” in the team name.

Neil will then be in touch and he’ll send you the link to sign up for fundraising.

If you’ve already registered, but still want to join in this cause,

just go to the team page and click the “Join Team” button here

I figure there’s no harm putting it out to you if it’s something you’re interested in,

or a cause close to your heart even if you’re not racing (cause I sure as hell aren’t!)

But I’m happy to send a few dollars to the cause.

If you are too, check it out,

Thanks for your help.

Back to normal transmission tomorrow.


PS – if you want to be put in contact with Neil let me know and I’ll flick you his details if you have any questions

You can also find out more about the All for Trace fundraising here


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