I figure you’re probably having a couple of weeks off over the next few weeks yeah? 

I know I’m definitely looking forward to it and won’t be missing the early alarm – as much as I enjoy the company of the early morning Lilyfield DPMers each morning. 

And seeing as you’re going to be having a little bit of extra time on your hands, and probably a bit more social gatherings than normal, I’ve got something for you to think about. 

Where would you like to go to dinner if someone else is picking up the tab? 

For me? I’d choose Rockpool.  

Can’t go past their awesome grass fed steak. Give me a side of fries. With a nice serve of greens with whatever garlicly, buttery concoction they use to cook them in. All washed down with a nice Shiraz or two. 

What’s yours? 

Now it’s time to remind you how you can score one of these free dinners. 

All you have to do is encourage a friend to join Team DPM in January. 

So while you’re using your holiday break to think about where you want to go, you might want to casually mention this little offer to any of your friends who you may be catching up with over that time. 

This offer is valid for both personal training and our small group training

Actually, I’ll even make it valid if they do online coaching too. 

Your dinner will be anywhere of your choice and I’ll cover the first $200. 

Your friend who joins will get a voucher of their own too. 

All you have to do is tell me where you want to eat and I’ll look after the rest. 

Just last Friday I contacted two DPMers who were up for theirs. 

This has proved very popular this year and it’s something that initially started as a limited time thing, but I decided to make it the ongoing rule. 

And when I went back and counted how many of these I’ve sent out this year it was 14 which was pretty cool.

The only qualifier with this is the dinner is valid once your friend has been with DPM for only six short months. 

Then I contact you both and ask where you want yours. If it’s your partner who joins, then you get a $400 dinner or 2 x $200 to somewhere different. Your call. 

And remember, there’s no limits to how many you can get. I like to help those who help me so why should I be greedy?

After all, it’s reasons like this that I’ve been in business for over 13 years and counting. 

For more info, check out the details here 


PS – by the way, if you have someone interested in our small group training they can have 2 weeks on the house to check us out and make sure we’re a good fit.   


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