I was looking back at some of the great feedback I’ve had from busy mums who have previously used the DPM Transformation system and one of my favourite quotes was this unprompted one:

“I don’t look like I’m pregnant anymore”.

This was from a busy mum who totally bought into what the DPM system was all about,

Better still, this was from only 4 weeks on the plan.

Sure, she had to embrace the program,

and not half arse it, which can be easy to do – just doing this part and that part.

But that result is pretty predicable right?

Sure, you might get somewhere. 

And if you’re happy with that, then cool.

I’m not going to judge you as you have just got exactly what you were looking for going in.

Maybe a bit of a tune up.

Cause remember, everyone starts from a different starting point.

But when you’re looking for real change, you have to buy into what we’re doing.

Follow the 3 day detox plan – it’s there for a reason – it works!

And by detox, don’t get me wrong, we’re not eliminating pretty much everything and getting by and water and a ‘magic’ potion.

You’re just eliminating processed carbs.

And of course alcohol and dairy.

You can have your carb hit on day 4 and enjoy your cheat meals of whatever you want any other day, keeping to your goal of 4 cheats total.

I’ve shared some more of that feedback in the video below.

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Thanks in advance.


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