After yesterdays news that the proposed transformation contest isn’t happening anymore, you may be wondering what’s next?

And even if you weren’t I’ll let you know anyways…

To be honest, I haven’t thought that far ahead.

The main focus for me, as always, is on what I do day in-day out.

That alone is a lesson that everyone can take out of this I guess.

Not everything that we try comes off.

Not everything that we think will work, will in fact work.

But it is what it is.

No point stewing on the why’s or why nots.

Just get on with things.

So for me, that day in-day out thing is the one-on-one mobile personal training or the small group sessions at Lilyfield or Observatory Hill.

If you’re looking for PT availability hit reply and I’ll fill you in on what’s available.

Just let me know the area you’re in so I can give you a better idea of whether it’s viable or not.

Don’t forget there is also my home workout book option too if you haven’t got a copy of that yet (it’s only $20 with free delivery Australia wide).

You’ll get way more than your moneys worth out of that.

Especially if you used to train with DPM, but due to your situation now,
whether that be location, family or financial commitments,
you’ll be able to get inspired by six of the exact same style of workouts that you used to know and love.

So help yourself to one of those and I’ll pop them in the post ASAP, plus send you the secret URL to the bonus page to get your instant pdf copy plus have access to the exercise demonstration videos and workout templates in excel and pdf format.

So all three of those options have you covered.

And failing that. you can always keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing now – providing it’s working for you.

Cause if it’s not, I’m here to help.


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