Pretty much this time last year I set you a little challenge.

Now of course if you’ve only recently discovered these daily, results producing emails of mine you’d have no idea about what I’m on about.

However I’d still advise you to play along, cause if you’re on top of it and can nail this answer,

I’ll pretty much guarantee that in 12 months time you’ll be in a much better position than you may be now.

** Yep, you’ll no longer feel like you’re pregnant and bloated year round**

** You’ll notice your tummy being noticeably more toned and slimmer**

** You’ll no doubt notice your butt looking, and feeling a bit tighter**

** But best of all, you’ll be able to fit into clothes such as those favourite pair of jeans that you haven’t worn since before you had kids**

Worth it?

Hell yeah!

So what was that challenge?

Simply this:

If we were to sit down in 12 months time and have a coffee,
what absolutely HAS to have happened for you to be satisfied with your progress,
in terms of your body, your fitness AND your confidence?

Remember that email?

How’d you go with it?

Now if it isn’t all roses and unicorns there’s still time.

I actually sent this last June so you’ve still got a month to make things happen so you’ve kept your word to yourself.

And if you need help getting started but can’t exactly make our sessions in person,

there’s the DPM Online Training Option that just might work.

I’ll give you the customised game plan to help you get rid of those stubborn kgs and the video demos to help you.

of course I’ll also send out the hard copy versions of the DPM Detox and Cookbook too.

Want to find out more?

Check it out here:




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