If you remember back to my Christmas Eve email, there were three options that summed up what approach you could take over the Christmas break. 

* OPTION 1: go to town and eat and drink to your hearts content. Put your feet up and enjoy yourself.

* OPTION 2: Have a little balance. Enjoy some food. Enjoy some drink. Enjoy some workouts with the extra time you’ll have with your time off.

* OPTION 3: Continue to be good, exercise and stick to your cheat meal quota.
So, was what you wanted to do the same as how things panned out?

For me, I’m happy to say yes it was. 

Even managed an alcohol free day in there too. 

Not a big feat for most people I’m sure, but for the last however many years my Christmas break has enjoyed a drink or three (or more) each day. 

So I’ll take the 2kg or thereabouts I’ve put on as a win.

This will come off easy cause I’m back to the no drinking during the week.

And not eating the Christmas chocolates and goodies each day.

What’s your plan?

If you need help with a plan, or getting one that is realistic that you can actually stick to, I’m going to be running another Transformation Contest that will start in the next couple of weeks.

I haven’t locked in the official start date yet, so I’m open to your suggestion:

1) end of January 


2) after school goes back – early Feb

Let me know your thoughts.

As for the length?

The one that wrapped up just before Christmas was really good with the 8 week time frame.

We saw some amazing results come out of this – some of which I hope to share with you soon.

You will of course get the full program to follow for this 8 weeks – with two different home workouts that will cover that timeframe – lasting 4 weeks each.

We’ll also keep the What’s App group that was a first time introduction last time and ended up being the most popular means of coaching and support.

And the investment?


So after reading all that and you need the extra support and kick start to get this year off on the right foot, just hit reply and let me know that you’re keen and I’ll give you the advanced lock in rate of $199 instead of the full price $247.


PS – if you still haven’t grabbed a copy of my book, and you’re looking for a fresh start to get you back on track cause you can’t make my sessions in person, you can still grab a copy here for only $20.


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