How’d you go this morning?

Get up as soon as the alarm went?

Or did you hit snooze a couple of times?

I’ve got no choice.

I get up straight away cause if I thought about it, the answer would be no.

So I get up as soon as the alarm goes off like on autopilot before the brain realises what it’s doing.

Snooze you lose as the old saying goes.

And with this snooze you lose theme in mind, I want to remind you that if you want to grab a copy of my Short ‘N Sweet book for someone for a Christmas present, you’re running out of time.

With the last 2 weeks of the working year, and an increase in mail, Australia Post are sure to slow down delivery times.

So if you want to ensure it arrives to put under the Christmas tree, get in and get yours this week at the latest.

There’s also another very valid reason to grab your copy ASAP.

As of January 1st, I’ll be putting up the price to $25.

It’ll still have free postage included, but some things are changing at DPM next year, and one of them will be this small price increase.


Well first of all postage costs have gone up.

So have my costs for pretty much everything else.

Plus I want to get rid of this stock I have in my room before then anyways.

Something’s gotta give.

And I figure I’ll give you a reason to get your copy if you’ve been sitting on the fence.

Get your copy here for only $20 and I’ll pop it in the post today if you order before 2pm.



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