Stepping away from talking about you know what today, to give you and me a small break from it for a change.

So I found something that you may find interesting, well I did anyways.

But it might help you right now so it’s worth paying attention to I think – especially if you find yourself prone to overeating.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that getting a balanced diet from a variety of different sources is going to give you the best chance of getting as much nutrients in as possible.But here’s where things get interesting.

Food manufactures are a tricky mob. 

They’ve been able to get our body to think that we need more fat and carbs – ie sugar and the stuff we normally crave like chips, and chocolate and whatever else your body is trying to get you to give in to while you’re stuck at home.

But in effect, what this research has found is that our body is actually crying out for protein.

The reason is that those sneaky scientists make processed foods that really have little to no protein, trick our bodies to make it taste like protein.

Your body can’t work out why it isn’t full, so you keep eating more.

And we eat more than we need.

And we put on the kilos.

Especially when you’re stressed.

Make sense?

It does for me.

Maybe I’m a bit of a nerd around this stuff, but it’s cool to see a reason why something is happening with our bodies.

So maybe think about the protein when you’re eating chips and other stuff.

That might mean a bit of a cheese platter. Or some nuts or meats as part of your snack option.

Might help fill you up and limit the over consumption.

It’s worth a try anyways and just goes to show that you always don’t have to eat rabbit food and tuna to get by.

Hope this little tip helps you today.


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