What’s your take on yoghurt?

Healthy food or a load of over processed rubbish?

Now for mine, it’s a double edged sword.

Cause on one hand it’s not something that’s a part of our detox diet cause for the 3 days we take out all processed foods.

BUT I still don’t mind it every now and then as part of your regular healthy eating plan.

But of course there are the good ones,

and then there are some that are just mutton dressed as lamb.

Especially the low fat ones.

Where they take out all of the fat, that adds the taste and fills you up,

and replace it with a bunch of artificial sweeteners that do nothing but switch off the fullness receptors in your brain so your stomach can’t get the message to your brain that it’s full.

End result means you eat more than you need.

So what are the best ones?

Natural or greek yoghurt.

And obviously the full fat and plain versions.

If you are into the flavoured ones though be careful on what you choose.

To be honest, I don’t mind one of these once a week on as a Sunday breaky option.

But a recent article I saw found that some of them have as much sugar as ice cream.

Can you believe that?

Sneaky little buggers!

Just like the breakfast cereal companies who lie to us saying stuff like nutri grain is a healthy breakfast option when it is just a high processed sugar hit.

The article shared this good rule to go by:

“As a general rule of thumb for fruit-flavoured yoghurts, check that the total sugar content is under 12g per 100g – 6g of that is likely to be lactose, while up to 6g may be fruit. Anything more is likely to be added sugar.”

Not bad advice indeed.

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