With our world here slowly starting to resemble some sense of normalcy, 

our Lilyfield small group sessions are no longer on a first in best dressed numbers limit.

Obviously, we’re still following the social distancing guidelines, 

but at least we can have everyone in the same place at the same time.
In saying that though, zoom is still available, so if you’re out of town you can still join in now.

That’s at least one thing we can take out of this whole lockdown thing – that now if you have to be away for one reason or another, you can still join in remotely for your session.

Always a positive to find if you look hard enough.

Just to clarify as well, that our Friday is still limited – I don’t want to have too many people in as it does take the personal out of group personal training in my view.

There is a vacancy now as one has dropped off as a result of the lockdown so if you want that Friday spot, let me know.

The other days still have spaces available.

In saying all that, it’s nice to finally start to see things open up again, 

and our infection numbers still being very low in comparison to other parts of the world even though we have had a relax in restrictions.

Just another reason to be thankful for living here, especially when you look at everything that’s going on in America right now.

Looking forward to seeing you in action!


PS – and if you know someone who does need a bit of a hand right now to get back in action, I appreciate you spreading the word.

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