Finally a public holiday that we can actually use productively!

So I hope you were able to get a little sleep in this morning.

I don’t know about you, but the Easter long weekend I felt kinda ripped off.

We couldn’t really do anything or go anywhere.

Cafes and restaurants were take away only so you couldn’t even go and sit down and enjoy a meal with your family.

Not to mention that you couldn’t even go and visit the rest of your family for Easter.

And while things aren’t exactly back to the old normal, at least we have a little bit more freedom with this one.

You could get away for a country mini break if you wanted to.

You could see your family if you chose.

Same for eating out.

And of course if you wanted to get in a workout you can.

I posted a bodyweight workout here on Friday if you missed it.

Go and give that a go.

Or get outside and go for a walk.

Sleep in and catch up on that if the kids let you.

Enjoy some time with the family that is hopefully a bit less stressful now the kids are back at school.

Whatever you, make the most of it and we can get back to regular transmission early tomorrow.


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