So I got a reply to the email on Monday about the waiting list for the Friday morning Lilyfield group training session which intrigued me…

Would I consider doing another group on Friday morning.

Well, I would consider it if there was enough interest I guess.

I normally go and grab a coffee and knock out some work at present, so if there’s enough interest, my coffee hit can wait.

I’m not going to trial it if attendance is going to be hit and miss and only one or two each week.

We’d need a handful to make it worthwhile.

So would you be interested in a Friday morning sleep in and a later start?

Note, this would not take the place of the usual early group. It would be in addition.

So the normal group – which is now waiting list only – is 5:40-6:40. They’d come and do their thing then you’d come and do yours.

This new one would be a 45 minute group 6:45am-7:30am, so still an early enough finish for both you to get to work at a reasonable hour and for me to have a coffee and get off to my next session in the city.

Now the ball’s in your court. If you’d be interested in this hit reply and let me know.

If there is enough interest, I’d trial it for a couple of weeks and see how it goes before a decision is made to make it permanent or not.

Thanks for the idea Chris, I’ll hand it over to you now. 

Let’s see if there’s any interest.

Of course, it would be open to those who normally do the earlier group who’d prefer a sleep in on a Friday but still want to get some action in, and it would also be open to those who are currently not doing anything on a Friday but would be interested to step things up.

Or someone new altogether who can’t get to the early workouts at all.

The option is there- I just need the interest to get it running.

Thanks for your opinion.


PS – just to clarify the waiting list comment for the early Friday group – if you’re currently attending, you’re in. I mean wait list for new people who want to swap or join.

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