Silly question right?

Especially if your kids are still young enough.

But here’s something that may be worth looking into that I came across the other day.

Now, while I haven’t seen any scientific proof to back it up,

(well to be honest, scientific proof is easy to manipulate anyways)

I reckon it may be well worth a shot for you.

What am I talking about?

Regular massage treatments.

The quote I saw the other day suggested that:

1hour massage can be equivalent to 6-8 hours sleep.

Rest is just as important as training, especially if they’re already burnt out from running around after the kids…

Meditation will also help, by allowing themselves to escape from the busy Mindset…

Interesting yeah?

Now, like I said, I don’t know about the legitimacy of this statement but have a think.

It makes sense.

You actually get an hour to yourself.

You actually get to relax.

And you actually get someone to work on the tight spots that are giving you grief.

Personally, I can vouch for the regular massage thing.

I’ve got a recurring booking every 3-4 weeks.

In fact at the moment I need it more so my booking next week is 2 weeks after the last.

You just need to find a really good therapist.

I had a couple of awesome ones,

one who decided to pack up and travel overseas and the other left to have a baby.

But I think I’m on a winner with my new one after trying someone else first.

The first one hit the spot and next week I’m sure will too.

They’re at Sydney Sports Medicine Centre at Olympic Park in the NSWIS building.

Otherwise find someone that does the job for you.

I also know a great girl Belle that does them in the Shire, specialising in mums.

Used to see her years ago before she stopped travelling.

If you want their details I can pass them on for you.

By the way, if you’re interested in doing something training wise to get you back in the game,

 I’ve got a couple of personal training time slots available again for you


Hit reply and let me know.

First in best dressed.




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