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  • 3 Day Detox Diet
    3 Day Detox Diet

    Start Here!

    Read and digest everything in this manual. This is your blueprint for the next 4 weeks.

    Once you've read it email me if you have any questions -

  • Quick Healthy Meals Cookbook
    Quick Healthy Meals Cookbook

    This cookbook is a great addition to give you inspiration for meals, snacks and desserts that will keep you on track and actually taste great - without taking more than 20 minutes to cook

  • Your 4 Week Workout Blueprint
    Your 4 Week Workout Blueprint

    This is the complete workout that you need to follow, along with video demonstrations.

    NOTE: If you are a beginner do the easier option on the video when provided.

    IMPORTANT: If you have any pre-existing injuries that mean you cannot do certain exercises you MUST let me know and I will provide alternatives to the ones you shouldn't do. Don't be a hero. Be smart and look after your body.

That's all you need!

Now the important thing is to do the work.

Each week you will receive a weekly mission from me for you to cross off.

Some weeks there will be 3 missions, some only 2.

They are not rocket science but they all involve you doing the work. If you do the work, follow the plan, you will get the result.

Let's make this happen!



Like I said any questions, please email me -