As a betting man, I’d lay plenty of money that says you’re sitting down as you’re reading this right?

Now I don’t claim to be some psychic with some John Edward type powers, but it’s a pretty fair assumption considering we spend most of our day sitting down.

Be that at work, on the way to and from, and when the kids go to bed and we finally get a chance to plonk ourselves down on the lounge.

In fact, the American Heart Association states that the average American sits for 12 hours a day.

Obviously we all know that you have to move around.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you already weren’t.

So we’re a step ahead of the average Jane or Joe.

But what I thought I’d share today is something interesting I found that shows what happens to our body when we sit.

After a bit of sitting down, our postural muscles switch off so we sag down in the seat.

(Check yourself right now I bet you’re probably doing the same cause i normally am.)

An interesting thing I didn’t realise until reading this article is that some research has shown that even after 30 minutes of sitting your immune system can be effected which means you’re at a higher risk of a cold if you do it for hours on end.

Interesting right?

Especially if you found over winter that you usually picked up everything that went around. Did that correlate to you working longer hours?

I’d be keen to know if it did.

Now fast forward to one month of inactivity be that through sitting for prolonged periods each day and not getting in a regular workout the effects start to get bad.

You lose muscle mass, bone density and the efficiency of your heart decreases – yep in as little as one month.

And then you have the negative effects on your mental health and energy levels.

Pretty ordinary right?

So all in all, take this today as another reminder to keep moving.

When you’re under the pump at work even stand up and give your back a stretch if you can’t get out and go for a walk to the water fountain.

And cause you’re doing your DPM action you’re already in a hell of a lot better position than your colleague who doesn’t do anything.

Have a good  – and mobile – weekend,


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