There’s one thing I’ll tell you right now if you want to start seeing some changes this year.

Although this tip is kinda obvious, it’s easy to overlook it.

First thing you should do, especially if you’re joining us for our Transformation Contest starting in 2 weeks, is to eat off smaller plates.

Obviously you’ll eat less food than you otherwise may have if you used your regular size plates.

And if you are looking to lose some Christmas kilos, then the best place to start, after of course not eating the types of foods that we both do at that time of year every day (ie chocolates and treats and drinking each day), is eating less each meal.

This type of thing reminds me of something I came across last year from memory about a designer from Latvia who came up with the idea to design a plate that is the same size as normal plates, but with all crinkly ridges all over it.

The end result is you can’t fit the same amount of food on that we otherwise would.

Meaning of course you eat less.

Now, I haven’t seen any of these things in the shops here, so your next best bet is to eat off a smaller plate.

Your body will actually adapt to eating less each meal. 

And you’ll also realise that we often tend to overeat each meal anyways (which I know I can tend to do).

Is it worth a shot for you?


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